The RFCS-G range of separate auxiliary coolers, with cooling capacities up to 155 kW, is suitable for cooling tasks in the machine tool sector. Several units can be connected in parallel to expand the capacity as required. In the standard versions, these cooling systems are designed as active coolers complete with compressor, air-cooled condenser, submersible pump and electronic control. Whether integrated into a machine or used as a separate auxiliary cooler, the RFCS-G range of chillers will tackle any cooling task and guarantees quality for your products with utmost precision.

• Higher capacity pumps
• Several parallel circuits
• Ambient temperature-dependent control using separate temperature sensor
• Serial interface for system monitoring
• Filtration units for the refrigerant circuit
• Flow rate indication and monitoring
• Extremely accurate control up to ±0.1 K, standard ±1.5 K
• Speed-controlled fans

*available for almost all units


The S0 can achieve cooling capacities from 1kW up to 1,5kW. In addition, the SMART-Line in this performance class is also available with propane as the refrigerant and can be adapted to your individual needs with various options.




With the new SMART-Line we present the S7 which can achieve cooling capacities from 35kW up to 65kW. This guarantees cooling tasks in the high-performance area of many applications and ensures the highest quality with the utmost precision. In addition, the S7 can be configured to your individual needs with a large number of options.



The G8 chiller system can achieve cooling capacities from 80 to 150 kW for a standard pump capacity from 150 respectively 250 l/min at 3.0 bar. This guarantees cooling in the high setting range of presses and machine tools and ensures top quality with utmost precision.