We develop leading products that set worldwide standards – regardless of industry and application. Functionality, reliability and conservation of resources are the focus of our complete economic and ecological solution.

A large part of our product range is made up of modular standard cooling systems. These also form the basis for the development of our customised system solutions.

As system suppliers and manufacturers of special machinery, we produce industrial water chillers, complex centralised cooling systems and cross-product systems in conjunction with the HYDAC Group. Before a system leaves our company its function and performance are tested in-house.


Cooling system with direct evaporation

H.I.B cooling systems with waterless cold plate achieve cooling capacities from 50 to 500 W with an extremely compact design. The cold plate integrated in the cooling circuit operates as a direct evaporator, which makes the system maintenance-free. There is no need for complex handling of DI water, filtration units or DI cartridges.
Different configurations are possible thanks to the modular design. They can be installed in the separate housing, installed in the 19″ rack 3 U (134 mm), or used in special housings as an open frame version. Moreover, the application of flexible hoses allows the cold plate to be separated from the rest of the basic structure. Any vibrational interference can therefore be completely absorbed. The cooling unit is controlled by a 0 – 5 V signal.